Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 4 Sightseeing and Siestas

Walking, walking, walking… more walking. The past three days have consisted of seem to be shuffling from place to place. I’ve never felt so well exercised while traveling, and I sure have the blisters (and will soon have the toned calves) to prove it.  
Today after my usual delightful morning of bus rides, class, and lattes, I joined my fellow glo-schos on a walking tour of Rome, trekking from the American University of Rome all the way to the coliseum. It is always surprising just how close each neighborhood of Rome is to each other; in one and a half short hours we had covered the area from Trastevere  to Piazza Venezia, and casually strolled by buildings hundreds and hundreds of years old.  After our final stop at the Coliseum, I broke off from the group to enjoy some pizza and gelato with some other Global Scholars—gelato is quickly becoming an essential part of my diet. 
 At an overlook of Rome during the walking tour.
 Ruins where Julius Caesar was killed.
 Gettin' toursity at the Coliseum. 
 A cute couple getting some photos shot at the Coliseum.
Happend into the Spanish Steps while out and about.

I found myself in a bit of a pickle when I went to exchange money however, running into closed bank after closed bank due to the siesta. It is crazy that every day in the middle of the day (usually at seemingly convenient times), the entire city shuts down for a little “siesta,” of sorts, even essential services, like banks. On one hand, I think its great that Italians take the time to slow down and appreciate the simple things like naps, but on the other…I could use a trip to the bank. But, I make the most of it and have the luxary of a daily nap at 2 pm. 

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